Lexi is great! I got some random rash, likely from sun and other exposures to the elements. I was very worried and she put my mind at ease. Did a biopsy and assured me I did not need to go to the ER. I freaked out bc I had never in my 46 years of life had anything like this happen. She was extremely respectful and treated me with the utmost respect. She treated my symptoms and diagnosed me with a very simple biopsy. I was allowed a virtual follow up visit to discuss the diagnosis and it was so quick and easy. I have been to dermatologists before but this was the best experience ever. Understand I am a 300lb man and taking my shirt off in front of other people is not necessarily the most comfortable thing. She made it a very comfortable situation. She cared about the problem and simply wanted to fix it for me. No judgement. Just wanted to help me and she did.