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Radiant skin requires maintenance that goes much deeper than creams and lotions. That’s why the team at McGuiness Dermatology & Plastic Surgery offers the patented HydraFacial® system at their six convenient locations in Plano, Flower Mound, Prosper, and Murphy, Texas. To achieve a healthy, youthful complexion, call or book an appointment online.

HydraFacial Q & A

What is a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a noninvasive treatment that nourishes your skin and creates an instantly gratifying glow. This system provides the same revitalizing benefits as chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing without the irritation.

Unlike other skin treatments, HydraFacial is safe for even the most sensitive skin types. The entire process takes fewer than 30 minutes, so you can feel free to schedule an appointment on your lunch break.

How does HydraFacial work?

The HydraFacial system involves a three-step process: cleanse, extract, and hydrate. The team at McGuiness Dermatology & Plastic Surgery customizes the treatment to your particular skin type and needs.

First, your provider at McGuiness Dermatology & Plastic Surgery cleanses your face and uncovers a fresh layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and resurfacing.

Then, they use the HydraFacial handpiece to remove oil and debris from your pores with painless suction while simultaneously infusing your skin with nourishing serums. Finally, they saturate your skin’s surface with peptides and antioxidants to protect your radiant glow.

What cosmetic concerns does HydraFacial treat?

Each HydraFacial procedure is customized to your needs. The team at McGuiness Dermatology & Plastic Surgery can tailor your HydraFacial treatment to address any specific concerns, such as:

  • Dry skin
  • Dull skin
  • Redness
  • Oily skin
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Uneven tone
  • Discoloration
  • Sunspots

Depending on your needs and aesthetic goals, they may recommend adding a specially formulated booster serum to your HydraFacial. Different booster serums focus on reducing specific imperfections, such as dark spots or signs of aging.

What should I expect after a HydraFacial treatment?

After your HydraFacial treatment, you should notice smoother skin and an enhanced glow immediately after your first treatment. Though individual results vary, the radiant skin tone should last five to seven days, possibly longer.

HydraFacial is safe for sensitive skin and doesn’t require downtime for recovery, so you’re free to resume normal activities right away.

Since radiant skin isn’t a quick fix, you may need to continue getting HydraFacial treatments once per month to maintain your ideal appearance.

To find out if HydraFacial is right for you, call McGuiness Dermatology & Plastic Surgery or book online to schedule your consultation today.

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