You and Bellafill

t’s no surprise that people tuned in to the latest trends in cosmetic improvements enjoy engaging with us on social media. You have been sending your questions and comments and one message rings loud and clear:

You want a dermal filler that works, and keeps on working.

Some of you have tried injectables to keep your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated. But then you discovered that your short-term fillers demand multiple appointments and touch ups. You told us it is just too much to handle in your busy lives. After a few appointments you are tired of the hassle, and no longer want to devote the money and time that short-term fillers require. It’s a phenomenon called filler fatigue.

In a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll, many of you—eight million of nine million
surveyed—shared that you want a longer-lasting filler.

That’s not all. The same Harris Poll survey showed that more than four in five filler users would go as far as switching providers if it meant they could get an injectable that safely gave them natural-looking improvements for years.

Bellafill is safe, and it’s the only dermal filler approved by the FDA to last up to five years. A brilliant way to combat filler fatigue!

How it works:
• You make an appointment
• Your doctor administers the injectable filler
• Instantly, your skin looks smoother and has more volume
• Months go by—still looking great
• More months pass… You don’t even think about making another filler appointment
• Years go by—the improvements keep coming

Over that five years, you have saved yourself anywhere from 5 to 20 filler appointments
and dodged the hassle